What do I hear, whilst looking? Was höre ich, wenn ich hinsehe?
What  do I see, whilst listening? Was sehe ich, wenn ich hinhöre?

During a four week long period of experimental work, Gabriele Hasler (Voice) and Gunhild Tuschen (Drawing) dealt with the process of arising and passing.

In 24 daily performances, both artists worked directly, im Lauschmodus, listening both to themselves and to one another.

Crossfade – an encounter between the diminuendo in the vocal performance of Gabriele Hasler and the crescendo in the drawing of Gunhild Tuschen.

The composition for solo voice "G.bete 365" became gradually quieter,
the accompanying sound utensils almost inaudible.
One drawing on day 1, two drawings on day 2 = three hundred on day 24.

At the end the room was silent, full of drawings

The audience was part of the process, listened and observed the development of a daily changing structure - work in progress.

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