24.9. - 22.10.2011
Wozu Emotionen, wenn es Tatsachen gibt
Artur Laskus. Bilder und Zeichnungen

Introduction: Prof. Hermann Sturm, Essen
Music-Performance: Bob Odafe, Techno - Ethno - Percussion, Wien
together with Karin Christoph, Violin, Ottersberg

A retrospektive view at the work of Artur Laskus.

At the exhibition, oil paintings were presented together with drawings, etchings, bronzes, shapes and pieces from his studio in Bremen as well as a slide show.

Concept together with Anne Wübben and Iffi Wübben.

Many thanks to friends, who helped us with this exhibition,
espacially to Barbara and Heinrich Campe, Marion and Hermann Sturm .

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